There's a hole in the bucket

Road signs in rivers

Water sports is good for your health.

You get plenty of mosquito bites, the water showers at you in form of rain during all the canoeing trip, and beer resources usually run out much faster than expected.

Then, on the other hand, you get a nice sunburn, your mobile gets to swim a little in the water, as does your rowing partner. Eventually you end up in the water yourself, as to show your solidarity.

No, but really.

I like canoeing. Looking forward to the next summer, especially when they (probably administration of National Parks) have put up nice signs on some of the rivers with names of villages that you are passing by, as well as pointers to places with public camping option.

Road signs in rivers
And lately you could meet and chat with so many people on water, suprisingly, some of them being your friends or acquaintances. It gets more international as well - I can only praise a group of Polish tourists that I recently saw leaving their camping place super clean and tidy.
The most fancy things though, are those old Russian made escape rafts. Red, round, swimming at the blazing speed of minus 5 kilometers per hour.
When the crew finally notices that they are stuck on the river bank, they use long poles to push themselves away into the stream and continue their alcoquest.
Oh well. If you read the famous Three Men in a Boat: To Say Nothing of the Dog, you know all about it. The only difference is that they didn't have the cellular phones back then. The dog played the tunes instead.