Walking back to nature

Back to nature

Ok, officially it is called "XXXIII Lithuanian pedestrian travellers marathon", though in reality it should be something like "Walk until you drop".

The event is all about walking enthusiasts, gathering together and doing a competition. What happens, is that all the crowd starts at the same time.

Back to nature
(The last ones really bite the dust)


Then, using a map, given by the organizers, everybody has to visit all the checkpoints and register there. After the distance is finished, back at the starting camp, referees are counting the votes and announcing the winning individuals and winning team.

Now, those, who were just longing for challenges and willing to escape from the city routine, could complete the first 25 kilometers.

The tough ones would continue for 25 kilometers more, making it 50km in total.

The-really-tough-ones, after resting or sleeping for a few hours, would wake up and go into the darkness to do a night trip of 25km more.

The Superhumans, after the night round, would again rest for a few hours and complete the whole event by walking ANOTHER 25 kilometers.

I do not know how should one feel after such an exhausting "package". All I can say that the first 25km were fully enough for me to test my physical condition and to make me proud of myself for reaching the finish.

The most difficult part of all this was looking at all the children who were playfully running around their parents and shouting for the whole distance, without a slightest sign of fatigue. Their problem was plain and simple: "Mum, it's boring!"

Nearly Everest