The most popular sport in Lithuania is basketball. By far. Children play on the streets, teenagers play in basketball schools, adults play after work. And after basketball they usually have a few beers. I mean adults.

Football, though, is some kind of a "fifth leg to a dog", as the locals say when they want to describe the not-at-all-needed item or thing. As a showbiz representative Marijonas Mikutavičius lately wrote in his column, "people choose to watch anything, but not football on TV, even when national team has a deciding match".

Which brings us to a quite poor situation with football (soccer)  fields in Lithuania - just a few of them looks like this:


Vėtra (Vetra) football stadium in Vilnius, Lithuania. One of the best, actually.


A few dozens like this:

Even if the conditions are, at most, average, we have a few sport enthusiasts
A typical no-name football field. Somewhere close to Vilnius airport.



And the remaining ones are even worse. Well, things can only get better, as they say..