Music, festivals and celebrations

Brass instruments band in Vilnius old town streets

It is only recently that Lithuania started to be visited by really big stars of pop, rock and other music styles.

We had Sting, Elton John, Cesaria Evora, Dave Brubeck, Al Jarreau, Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner, Yellowjackets, Depeche Mode and even Marilyn Manson in all his glory.

But they don't come here too often. And if they come, tickets tend to be somewhat overpriced. And it is not always possible for people from the countryside to go to a certain city, where the concert takes place.

Nevertheless, Lithuanians still like music, and that's where various small and big folk bands, choirs, perofrmers etc. come in. They go everywhere, people like them and listen to them.

Like this one:

Brass instruments band in Vilnius old town streets
A nice brass instruments band practically following you around in Vilnius old town.

Festivals and national celebrations is also a good place to see one of those. During Užgavėnės (Shrove Tuesday, Pancake day) people, whilst looking at various attractions

Užgavėnės (Shrove Tuesday) - preparing to burn Morė (More)
Burning Morė (More). Don't exactly remember why we have to burn it though :)

also get a chance to hear some national instruments sounding in the background.

Užgavėnės (Shrove Tuesday) celebration in Lithuania, Rumšiškės (Rumsiskes)

One more good place to see and listen to folk traditions is Rumšiškės (Rumsiskes) open air museum:

Folk concert in Rumšiškės (Rumsiskes) open air museum

Well, and if culture is not the way to go, but you are anyway forced to participate, one could always look at girls in short skirts, or have some of this. These are the benefits of music outside :)