These guys are the national birds of Lithuania. They are called storks (or white storks, to be more precise).

At home


They are really quite adorable folk, always living close to people and very social. In the beginning of a century, and up till now in the countryside, people had a tradition to put unused wheels of carriages on top of poles or trees, so that storks can use it as a firm and even foundation of the new nest.

One can find storks practically all over the territory of Lithuania, especially in swampy, or agricultural areas. But not during August to March, because they prefer to have vacation during that period, and fly to nice and warm places like Spain, India or Northern part of Africa. And that is 3000-4000 kilometers, imagine that!

Rise and shine, breakfast time!

Why do they like swamps? Simply because of plentiful selection of frogs, worms and other delicious meals.


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