Autumn goodies

Boletus beauty

Yummy yummy!

Autumn is a nice time for some goodies from the forest. Even though it may look like sime kind of archaism, trust me - picking berries and mushrooms is actually one of the best possible ways to spend a free Saturday afternoon. Maybe Sunday too, if you get hooked enough.

Boletus beauty
Take it (so crunchy and tasty), or leave it (so cute! Let it grow!)


Fresh air, relaxed forest, good walk, some exercise for the ever-tired back. And totally clear and light head after the weekend spent in nature. Especially, when the rewards are rich:

Enough to feed the whole family. For a whole week!
Even though picking of berries is usually the activity of senior people, they have to be quite agile to carry such weights in the rough forest terrain for a few hours. Someone was quite happy to find such a bunch of nice and healthy looking Suillus.
Now, for some it is pleasure, for some - profession. Dzūkai (Dzukai) is one of Lithuania's 4 main ethnic groups, famous for their skills and orientation towards nature. They are unmatched specialists and champions in picking mushrooms and berries, both as food and as additional source of income. Such a skill made them somewhat picky towards various kinds of mushrooms. They only pick the best,
Feel lonely lonely in the forest?...
...Take me!
usually skipping the second sorts.
You have to work hard for a nice dinner
Russula in the front and Chanterelle (Cantharellus) in the background. Processed, cleaned and ready to boil.


While mushrooms primarily are the main dish or the main soup ingredient, berries make wonderful addition to a dessert, be it raw or in a form of jam.
What was that again? Cranberries or red bilberries?
Small, but tasty
Fascinating as it is, dont try it at home, without prior consultation with experts :)
Dangerous beauty
Death Cap (Amanita) - one of the most toxic mushrooms on the planet. Beauty poisons the mind, remember that :)




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