The unbearable lightness of being


Thursday. Office.

Will you learn from last week and this time try to finalize all the unfinished things today, instead of leaving it for Friday, even if it means coming home late?

Then, what will be the weekend like. Will there be a party on Friday, going to sleep late, waking up Saturday afternoon, in the middle of the beginning of the day's end? Or would you rather choose a non-social alternative and spend an evening between 4 walls, with woolen socks, milk and TV?

And goddamit - why does it get dark so early nowadays, are those months with wake-up-in-the-dark-get-back-from-the-job-in-the-dark already here?

And what about the next week, will that be a copy of previous one? And how will that influence my path in the life?

Questions, choices, thinking.


Some choose it to be simple: 

The unbearable lightness of being
Good morning to you too. My friend and me, we are socializing here a little.. and.. erm.. care for an early pint?