Launch of the site

Dear visitor,

this site has just launched, and this is the first post. Now it has a basic functionality of a usual community based site, but a lot more (in a realistic time frame) is planned in future.

There are two main goals (or missions, if you like) of the site:

- Present the country (Lithuania) to a broad public, as it is, both good and bad, without sound marketing slogans;

- Provide the ability for the community to present a personal view, both visually and verbally, on people, places, events and other aspects of everyday life in Lithuania. Also, promote their photographic skills a little :)

Simply put, this is a virtual platform for the community to express their feelings about what they see in a country they live. Mostly in a visual way.

To make it absolutely clear and understandable:

This site will be a categorized collection of photos and images of Lithuania, open for the users to upload their pictures. Open for visitors to look at it, unrestricted.

I hope there will be a certain amount of members posting, to be able to achieve a truly democratic mass of opinions. Please join if you have something to say (porn, sex, violation of intellectual rights, or other illegal activities are not allowed).

Short practical issues and acknowledgements: 

  • Certain level of moderation (mostly quality of the photos) is expected.
  • Main working language is English
  • 150 or so new pictures are planned to be uploaded during the month
  • The site is built using drupal (the content management platform)

That is it for now, more coming up shortly.