Cow race

Meironys (town near Ignalina) sign

Not exactly the race, but nevertheless a very interesting experience.

Today I happened to be close to the village of Meironys during a festival called "SekminÄ—s" (or Pentecost).

Meironys (town near Ignalina) sign


Local people have a tradition to transport their cows to a distant pasture during the summer. The grass is greener on the other side, you know.

No, really. The grass is greener on that island.

Yup, you read that right. The cows are put on an island in the lake for the whole summer season. They eat green juicy grass, and are milked by people that are coming on rowing boats once per day.

Actually, the most interesting thing is the way of transporting the cows. You can't put them in a boat because the cows are too heavy. You can't put them in a car, because that's an island. So the ever practical folk decided that cows should swim there by themselves, and made a very nice and funny event out of it.

The recipe:


1. Dress nicely yourself and take your cow (or two, or whatever amount you have) with you.

Getting ready to swim


2. Decorate your cow

Crowned princess


3. Negotiate with it until it agrees to enter the waters of the lake

One horsepower, or rather cowpower


4. Sit in a rowing boat and lead the way, so the cows know where to swim

Row, row, row the boat -- but don't forget the cow!
One scared cow in the water
Cowly = Proudly and slowly
One very scared cow in the water


5. Bring the cow out of the water after reaching the island

The trip is over at last


6. Say "bye-bye, see you tomorrow"

Don't leave me here please!

And what do you get out of it?

You get a nice tradition, happy cow, sweet milk, and this post.